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Why Do I Need Home Watch?

Many unforeseen issue can arise when you are away.

Early detection of these issues can save you thousands of dollars and

undue stress. Partnering with a professional is a must.

      Some examples of unforeseen issues are:

  • Your air conditioning unit fails and mold grows in your home

  • Your roof, windows or pipes leak

  • Insects infest your home

  • Squatters move into your home and claim adverse possession

  • Someone breaks in or damages your vacant property

  • A hurricane or tropical storm hits our area and damages your property

  • Your refrigerator or other appliances stop working

  • A vendor needs access to your home to perform a service

  • Your car battery dies because it is not being charged.

  • Your yard becomes overgrown and your HOA is fining you by the day

  • Your service providers are negligent knowing you are not watching

  • Neighbors are not bonded or trained to look for issues like I am

      These are all real issues that can happen to you.

Image of hurricane
roof leak
water damage
pool algae
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Why Should I Partner With Home Patrol?

  • I am a certified home watch professional

  • I am bonded for your protection

  • I am a former home inspector and owner of a home inspection service

  • I am a former environmental tester trained in mold detection and testing 

  • I live in the community that I serve

  • My services are based on your needs not mine

  • I am dependable, flexible and honest

  • I am your eyes and ears

  • I am your partner and personal concierge

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