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 Pre Departure To - Do List

  • Stop or forward mail

  • Notify the park/community office

  • Set AC thermostat to 80 degrees

  • Set humidistat to 55

  • Set ceiling fans to low

  • Open interior doors

  • Open cabinet doors

  • Turn water off at main valve

  • Turn off water heater breaker

  • 2 sets of all keys for Home Patrol

  • Consider a lockbox for keys

  • Leave toilet lids up if water is on

  • Cover toilets if water is off 

  • Turn stove/oven breakers off

  • Inventory belongings

  • Record serial numbers

  • Take photos of belongings

  • Unplug  non essential appliances

  • Store outdoor items

  • Set fridge to 37, freezer to 0

  • Turn off ice makers

  • Turn washer supply lines to Off

  • Have a hurricane plan in place

 Supply List

AC filters 

Paper towels

Trash bags


Light bulbs 


Toilet bowl cleaner

Toilet brush

Water hose 

Weed killer

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