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Our Services

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The Gardens
  • Weekly or bi-weekly checks of your home.

  • Inside air temperature and humidity readings taken using a hygrometer.

  • Interior and exterior checks looking for obvious issues such as forced     entry, squatters, insect infestation and leaks.

  • Changing of Damprid containers, AC filters, smoke detector batteries.

  • Hurricane prep, post storm inspection and post storm cleanup.

  • Starting or driving of cars. Charging golf carts.

  • Meeting vendors, service providers.

  • Forwarding mail, shipping packages.

  • Trimming bushes and palms trees up to 11'.

  • All visits include sweeping and blowing of walks and driveways.

  • Our services are based on your needs and are not limited to this list.

  • Airport/Cruise Ship Terminal  pickups and drop offs- SRQ,TPA,PIE,MCO

  • Hand washing of cars, interior and exterior detailing using only Chemical Guys products.

  • Car transport. I will drive you car to Florida or back home for one inclusive price while you fly home stress free!!!

Featured Communities

The Gardens

Colony Cove

Ridgewood Estates


Veranda Springs



River Wilderness

River Strand

Tideview Estates


Imperial Lake Estates

Checking doors are locked
pool water level, skimmer

Payment Methods: Cash, Check or Zelle

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